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Oh, Hear the Wind Blow

5 Songs | Released May 2010 | Recorded Live In-Studio

Bird Song • Left All Alone • Let Me Go • Palm Tree • Digging a Hole

In June of 2010, the band released the Oh, Hear the Wind Blow EP — a collection of live-in-studio tracks — as a limited edition tour EP. It had been recorded only months before at The Boat in Los Angeles, CA. It was produced by Dan Horne (Mezzanine Owls, Music Go Music, Lilys, Beachwood Sparks) and featured other members of The Chapin Sisters' live band of the time: The Brothers Brothers — a group that included Louie Stephens (Rooney) and Aaron Sperske (Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Lilys, Beachwood Sparks).

The session produced some the sister's own favorite versions of these songs, so it is available to you now as part of a wider release. Take a listen, the unmistakable vibe of the band playing live together in the studio gives these tracks their unique sparkle.

The Chapin Sisters album - Oh, Hear the Wind Blow

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