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10 Songs | Released Sept 2010

Sweet Light • I Can Feel • Paradise • Digging a Hole • Palm Tree • Boo Hoo • Birds in My Garden • Roses in Winter • Left All Alone • Trouble

For the recording of their second full-length album, aptly titled Two, Lily and Abigail, along with co-producers Jesse Lee (Gang Gang Dance) and Louie Stephens (Rooney), retreated to an old family farm in rural New Jersey where they converted a cabin into a make-shift studio. The main recording room overlooked woods and field, promising inspiration from tree frogs and wild deer, crickets and waterbugs. Two incorporates lush keyboards, layered percussion, electric guitars and warm, rich vocals tones in addition to acoustic guitar and complex harmonies.

The songs on Two are all original, half of them penned by Abigail and the other half by Lily — though all are credited to The Chapin Sisters. It is the first record in which Abigail and Lily stepped out as a duo, though former/part-time band-mate and full-time sister Jessica still makes appearances in several songs.

In the wake of this release, the sisters toured the US and Europe.

The Chapin Sisters album - Two

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