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Ferry Boat EP coming May 2018

The Chapin Sisters album - Ferry Boat

Ferry Boat

5 Songs | Coming May 2018

Five never-before-heard songs recorded with longtime Chapin Sisters collaborators Evan Taylor, Hillary Hawke, and Jesse Lee with new friends Jared Samuel and Tony Maimone. The first release on the new Loantaka records.

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The Chapin Sisters album - Today's Not Yesterday

Today's Not Yesterday

12 Songs | Released Oct 2015

After more than 5 years and a gender-bending trip through music history, we're back with a brand new record of original songs. We can't wait for you to hear them.

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The Chapin Sisters album - A Date With the Everly Brothers

A Date With the Everly Brothers

14 Songs | Released April 2013

We made a record of our favorite Everly Brothers songs with some of New York City's best musicians. We hope you enjoy it!

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About The Chapin Sisters

“Prepare to lose your soul", says L.A. Record of siblings Abigail and Lily Chapin, whose seventh recording, Ferry Boat, will be issued by Loantaka Records in May 2018.

Making music that The New York Times praises as “tantalizingly close to beauty”, The Chapin Sisters carry on a proud family musical legacy: Father Tom Chapin is a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, legendary late uncle Harry Chapin was a musical artist and activist best known for his 1974 #1 hit “Cat’s in the Cradle”, and grandfather Jim Chapin was an esteemed jazz drummer and author of seminal drum instructional books.

Since 2005 the sisters have garnered critical acclaim by forging a distinctive musical imprint in which they “wed lilting voices, dynamically complex vocal harmonies, and folk-influenced melodies to dark, wryly sarcastic lyrical content” notes in an editorial review.

The Chapin Sisters are Abigail and Lily Chapin
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