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A Date With the Everly Brothers

14 Songs | Released April 2013

Crying in the Rain • Brand New Heartache • Sleepless Nights • Sigh, Cry, Almost Die • Cathy's Clown • So Sad • Dream • When Will I Be Loved • Some Sweet Day • Love Hurts • Always It's You • Down in the Willow Garden • Till I Kissed Ya • Maybe Tomorrow

In the spring of 2012, Abigail and Lily were struck with the idea to do a cover record of one of their favorite brother harmony groups, The Everly Brothers. It was to be an album of the sisters singing the songs of the brothers. That summer, they put together an all-star band with the help of friend and drummer Evan Taylor. After a week's practice, the group met in the studio to record 14 songs in a day — just as the Everlys might have done back in Nashville's golden era.

The record was originally going to be a digital-only release, but the project had become such a labor of love that the band had to give it the release it deserved. In the spring of 2013, A Date With the Everly Brothers was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign that brought in over 150% of the required funding (thanks everyone!). We hope you enjoy the record!

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The Chapin Sisters album - A Date With the Everly Brothers

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