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Lake Bottom LP

11 Songs | Released Mar 2008

Let Me Go • Hey • Kill Me Now • Drop Me • Wash Away • Can’t We Please • Shady River • Don’t Love Me • Girlfriend • Bird Song • I Hate the Moon

The Lake Bottom LP is the full length debut from Los Angeles-based The Chapin Sisters: Abigail Chapin, Lily Chapin and Jessica Craven. It was recorded in Los Angeles in the Summer of 2007 with producers Thom Monahan (Lilys, Devendra Bandhart, Vetiver) and Mike Daly (Whiskeytown, Grace Potter), and is being released by Plain Recordings in March of 2008.

The title, Lake Bottom LP, is in homage to the extraordinary family they grew up in. In the 1920’s, their great-grandfather Kenneth Burke (at the time, the editor of literary magazine The Dial) bought 160 acres of farmland in rural New Jersey with a little stream that he dammed and named Lake Bottom. The hugely expansive Burke-Chapin clan still owns the property and the 10 funky buildings on it, and it has provided a summer and holiday retreat for the family for the last 80 years.

Here the arrangements are sparse yet rich, showcasing the sisters’ vocal harmonies supported by Abigail and Lily’s subtle acoustic guitars. Thom and Mike respectively add understated bass and guitar to many tracks and electric violinist David Coulter joins in on “Drop Me” and “Kill Me Now” and contributes haunting singing-saw to “I Hate the Moon.”

The Chapin Sisters album - Lake Bottom LP

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